Terrence N. Tullgren Enterprises is a multi-faceted design firm founded in South Florida 30 years ago. Whether clients are comfortable speaking English, Spanish, or Portuguese, our design experts work closely with clients to create unique, beautiful spaces that reflect their tastes and budgets.


Concept to Completion: We turn clients’ dreams into reality by starting from a raw space or incorporating their cherished pieces of furniture in a new environment.
Rates: Cost plus 30%

Designer by the hour: We transform our clients’ condos or homes by maximizing the potential of existing furniture, art and accessories by rearranging them in a creative, aesthetic environment.
Rates: $200 an hour

Renovations: Our firm is recognized for expertise and workmanship including repairs, renovations and major rehabs.
Rates: Vary per job size

Restyling a house for sale: We prepare our client’s home for a swift, profitable sale with a consultation on exterior and interior paint color, landscaping, furniture and accessory placement. This small investment often yields a much greater sales price for clients’ homes.
Rates: $200 an hour


Terrence N. Tullgren Enterprises charges a $200 consultation fee on the first meeting; that $200 will be deducted from your bill if you hire our firm.

Terrence N. Tullgren Enterprises works on a “cost plus” basis; which means, whatever the price you purchase an item for, Terrence N. Tullgren Enterprises adds 30%. For example, if you buy a light fixture for $100, the design fee is $30, making the total cost $130.

You must realize our job is to find the best quality furniture at the least expensive price. Any discount we may receive is passed on to the client. As mentioned earlier, many sources we will take you to are available only to decorators and give decorators wholesale prices.

All receipts are in the client’s name and checks are written by the client to the manufacturer or store. This way, the client feels more secure, as he is not giving a lump sum of money to a decorator and he has a record of all the purchases. This is the most honest and fair way to work with a decorator.

If a client wants only decorative advice and consultation, the fee is $200 an hour.